Get more from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Location Intelligence

Welcome back, and thanks for reading, in this blog demo we wanted to share some of the great things you can do when you connect your #MicrosoftDynamics365 so

I’m sure you will have seen that we have blogged about this before, but today we just wanted to post a round up of why using Location Intelligence and gaining analytics from your customer data can help you make better decisions about where you focus resource gaining even more success.

Getting Started

Let’s start by connecting to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Dataverse, as you would probably expect we have the process fully documented as the connection works from your Microsoft Azure using Client Secret.

You can access the steps and the document HERE to make your connection

Building Maps

Once you have made the connection through Mapsimise to your Microsoft Dynamics you can start to build location-based data maps using Mapsimise.  Maps can be created to show, accounts, contacts, opportunity and cases or any related account, contact or lead record type on a map.

This enables you to bring several record types into one visualisation of your data and build filters to see what is happening where.

In the video below we cover off the few steps it takes to creating a map with a record type from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector.

Location tools like Mapsimise when using your Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable you to work with and analyse the customer data you have in new ways.

Creating Location based Marketing Lists

Now let’s look at creating marketing lists, this might be a list in Microsoft Dynamics or a customer list you want to pass to Mailchimp, SendGrid or Dotdigital, or even export for another solution or a 3rdparty to process.

Sure, you can create an advanced find or use Mapsimise to draw or scribble around the area where your customers or prospects are, you could even but a contact and opportunity map to help you identify the right customers or leads you want to target.

Below in the video we show you how to create a mapped marketing lists in your Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to build a Digital Sales Territory

Next, let’s look at building digital sales territories with your data from your Microsoft Dynamics, you could build individual maps or coloured filters for each area displaying customers, leads and related opportunities that your sales team members are working on.

You could easily report what is happening where visually on a map, and see who is dealing with each area

You can also you Mapsimise to trend views of closed won or lost opportunity by location and by customer, the typical What, When and Where scenario that enables you to see which sales areas and territory is performing over time.

The same features could be used for managing franchise areas, as a territory can be drawn and saved on the map.

In the video below we outline how to build filters by post code, colour those filters and show related data by each region or territory.

Search by Area

We all have it and probably lots of it, data that is, but build effective filters and getting to the data you need when you need it can be challenging, especially when there is a lot.  Each Map on Mapsimise can support 10,000’s or records and that is a lot of pins, but we also support advanced filtering and searching.

The searching we call Quick filters, just to be confusing, but this allows you to create multiple search and filter types against any layer.

This could be accounts, contacts, or anything else that is on your map, you can then add the different criteria you need and filter and view the data you need to see.

In the final video we show you how to do this and create those search quick filters against your Microsoft Dynamics data

What Next

Well, if you would like to get set up with your own version of Mapsimise for your business click the button below

We can also offer a 30-day trial with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector when you create a subscription plan.

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