Since we launched the first version of Mapsimise in October, we have been asked a number of times “how does a map help with Sales?”. What is very rewarding is when we have received the WOW from customers and attendees that have seen Mapsimise in action, either in video or at a demo.

We recently attended an event with InnovateUK, and there were many WOW moments when we talked to delegates attending, you can see the post on twitter.

Managing Sales and Marketing and generating new business is an activity we all must do to grow our businesses and sometimes it is harder than others.

Having the right tools and making yours teams efficient can help reduce wasted time and this is what Mapsimise can help your business do.

So, what is Mapsimise?

Mapsimise is a connected data service and if you have experience of business systems like CRM you will know the common “bug bare” or voiced issue which is the lack of integration and sharing of data.

…… Connected Data means nothing to me!

What is connected data?

Connected data means we have made the connections for you to build maps with your data from popular business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM. We know that this is where your customer and sales data is likely to be, however if not, don’t worry more CRM connectors are coming! We also have connectors for marketing using MailChimp and DotDigital so you can build location campaigns and lists. You can also build marketing lists from a map but that is another blog post.

So back to sales and making more use of your data. Firstly, let’s think about the data your sales team need, primarily customer data is key along with maybe territory data if they are out and about meeting customers.  Having access to a route plan and appointment might also come in handy and we can do that from a mobile or tablet.   Your team might also want to see product sales by location to see which customers in a given area have which products or services.

…It really is the smart way to prospect!

Now let’s consider leads and prospects, this data can also be displayed by location but what is more Google Business Search has been included with Mapsimise to give you or your sales team the opportunity to prospect by location and search Google for businesses in a given area - it really is the smart way to prospect.

If that is not enough for your sales team, then we have a little extra and that is combined data views on a Map.  Let me explain… situations do happen, and sometimes you sales team might head off to a customer visit without all the information, but with Mapsimise you can build up layers of data giving your sales team access to case or incident history in the same view.

So, are you ready to see how Mapsimise can change the way you work? I’m pretty sure you will be wowed; well we hope so! Follow the steps below to build your first Map.

How to get started with Mapsimise

If you just want to get started, it's so easy! Start visualising your data on one or more maps by signing up to your own Mapsimise account and get started. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, visit our website
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Select the package that suites your organisation
  4. Fill in the registration form
  5. Validate and log in to your Mapsimise account
  6. Add your billing information and select the connectors or upgrade from your Go Package

If you get stuck, you can sign into the Help Desk and raise a ticket with Mapsimise Support OR click here.

We look forward to working with you and helping you visualise your data, gaining location intelligence.