For sure technology helps in everything we do, working in the healthcare sector and alternative treatments means you still have data.  You might not call it customer data, but several of the principal activities are the same.

Yes, we all have data, and 80% of the data you hold is likely to have a location element, meaning that geospatial tools like Mapsimise can be used to help you understand it by location.

It is very likely that you will have many different types of data, some may relate to clients or patients, some of it may relate to resources which could be Doctors, Nurses or specialists that work in multiple locations.

You may even have a need to understand patient appointments by location i.e., how close is the nearest clinic or hospital, so that an appointment can be made.

Data in every industry helps drive decision making, but all businesses can be guilty of not getting the best from the data they hold in databases and spreadsheets.

Where are my Staff and Where can they work?

If you need to plan resources for shift workers by location, which means finding quickly which staff members can work or cover a role, where they are and how quickly they can be deployed helps with planning.

Location intelligence gives you this ability to plan effectively using the right people with the right skills in the right location.

Different staff will have different skills and demand, so using geospatial to understand the where, and then the when can help your teams plan resources more effectively.

Where Are My Patients?

If your organisation offers a walk-in service and manages patients coming to you, booking appropriate times by travel time and location would also benefit your team when scheduling resources.

I recently had an appointment at a private hospital, and they just gave me the first appointment of the day, but getting from my home location to the hospital location was not viable.

Understanding patient needs goes a long way to planning a successful schedule.

It Is Really Is About Bringing Your Team More Efficiency

The right data and the right technology in combination can bring great flexibility and efficiency to your day-to-day activity.

Helping you understand the needs of patients and employees or freelance consultants, along with resource and suppliers can help you provide the best possible service you can, and geospatial will help you do this.

Mapping any data that has a location reference is possible, you may have many other scenarios that you want to map and analyse, but the possibility is there by bringing technology and data together, to build up a picture of the where, helps you visualise the when.

In the video below, our CEO covers more of the benefits of working with your data and Mapsimise, showing how you can understand your data visually.