Maybe it is not just one map, maybe you have lots of data you need to share in a business application or on a web page.

We know it is really easy to drop a Google, Open Street Map or even a Bing Map onto to your web site with a single fixed location.  Yes, you see them all the time, and most CMS tools have a quick plugin.

So, why is what mapsimise does with public maps any different, well firstly you can load all the data you need on the maps from within and manage that data.  Mapsimise is codeless so anyone can build a view of your data by location, and you don’t need a tech or a data scientist to do it.

The map below is an example of a public map that can be easily created with data, grids and even charts with filters, have a go, as this covers some crime data that related to last year. 👇

But you can see, its not a plain flat map with a single pin, you have many options including charts to help visualise data, the use of quick filters for the data displayed and a good old grid view.  What is more not all the features are switched on here in this example, there is more you can do when it comes to sharing data.

We knew that you would want an easy way to do this, so we created the HTML for your CMS or just a direct link that can be copied and shared.

You can see 👆 how we do this from inside the share screen has all the features that can be included.

So if you need to, then you know where we are and what is more you can even still get a free account to test the features.