Do you like to scribble and draw?

Can you paint a picture with a 1000 data points, well we think you can, and in todays blog demo we are looking at just that?

Yes, we all like to visualise, we understand pictures better then a spreadsheet or a list of words and data.

Sure, I know spreadsheets are really useful, for calculating but visualising and filtering that data can be a challenge and this is why a MAP is a million times better (ok we might be a little biased here) but hopefully you get what we mean.

Today in our short demo blog, lets take a look at how you take that data from your spreadsheet, load and create a map and then visualise what that data looks like.  The data could be your customers or prospects it might be out put from your eCommerce sales, it could be your sales opportunity from your #CRM or maybe participants that are attending an event.

Visualise and analysis is really easy when you can draw, scribble and filter data using location, in the video below we show just how easy it is to build different views of your data by location.

As you can see there are several options to help you build up that picture, you can take shapes of just scribble free hand and build the views and filters of your data that matter to you.

What is also great is that you can have multiple sets of data and build and review how that data relates to each other by the different location you create.  Then same off those views for use within your business on a daily basis or create public maps to share.

Data is key, right, no really it is and with you can gain a insight to share your business is effective, relate data and find out what is important.

So it is not just another complex GIS tool that you need a specialist for, yes we have designed it so that it is very easy to use and quick to gain analysis from.

So, are you the type of business that needs to understand what is happening where, do you need to trend what is happening and when, do you have multiple outlets or multiple sales territories, if so then this might be for you, but one thing team mapsimise is an advocate of is helping you get more from the data you already have?

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