You may have already seen that Mapsimise has several great business benefits. From tracking and filtering data to understanding your data by location and region, or even country.  This is a huge benefit to your organisation, helping you market and build stronger relationships with customers, identifying hotspots and helping you to increase efficiency visually from your data.

This week we are looking at some of the benefits of using KML files.

What is KML?

You may know already that Mapsimise supports the use of KML files. This means you can build boundaries and identify areas with borders. This can allow you to increase visualisation within two-dimensional maps that you have created.

KML can also be used to identify related information like rail or territory areas. You can see on this example map [left] how postcode areas relate to the London Underground tube network.

The great news is there are many free examples of KML files on the web that you can make use of and several KML generators to help you identify and meet your requirements for building effective data filters.

Working with Mapsimise in your business with your great business data will help you understand data by clusters and regions, giving you back location intelligence and a real understanding of which areas you work within.

You can then apply multiple layers of different data to gain more information about a location which we will discuss in next week’s newsletter.

If you can’t wait, you can connect with our team and have a one to one session on understanding some of the Mapsimise features. Challenge us to help you solve your visual data needs!

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So, Why Mapsimise?

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