So after a few questions were raised this week, we thought we would cover off deleting Datatables in Mapsimise.

As you may know, with each subscription comes a number of tables that you can store data to be mapped, but if you no longer need them and want to delete tables, let us take you through the steps.

Deleting Tables

The first step is to navigate to tables on the left menu and select the table that you want to delete.

Then, you need to check if the Datatable is being used by any current maps. This is important as you will not be able to delete the table while maps or views are associated to the table.

Scroll down the atatable page to see if any maps are active under the “Active Maps” section.

The maps in use will need to be removed first.

If there are associated maps with the data table then select the map by clicking on it. This will take you to the associated maps screen.

From the tool bar, select the Maps option to delete the associated map. Note: you will need to repeat this if there are several maps.

Once all the maps are deleted, return to the Datatables screen and select the table from the drop down. Select the correct table if not already in view and then select the ‘Delete Datatable’ button. The table will then be deleted.

As always, if you ever need help please raise a ticket or book a slot via the diary link below.

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