In this weeks “Tips and Tricks” we are focusing on analytics and charting, which can be easily added to a map. Data analysis is key for business and significantly useful in the current times. Let Mapsimise make your life a whole lot easier.

What is the benefit of charting with Mapsimise?

Firstly, it is easy to do and you can very quickly start to see data pins that are presented on the map as charts, meaning you can see a visual of all the same types of data.

Also, Mapsimise brings you spatial charts, which means as you move around the map the charts and the bottom data grid are updated smoothly and quickly.  As you move or zoom in you can see data presented automatically in the right-hand pane.

We have made Mapsimise easy to use and charts simple to set up. But again if you need help just let us know!

From the data grid pane at the bottom of your screen, you just select the 'Create Chart' icon and the screen opposite will appear. Here you can build an easy to use chart with the data fields available on the grid.

On the left you can pick the type of chart you want to see. From the middle you can drag and drop the fields to the right that are to be used in your chart on this particular map.

Then you can save the map, or a new map view and the charts will appear every time you open the maps thereafter. Even when you add more data the charts will update in real time.

As you may have already discovered, charting works with any filters you already have on your map, so as you use the drawing tools the charts will continue to be updated, highlighting any data you have filtered.

We hope that you enjoy working with charts next time you log into your Mapsimise subscription. Again, if you need any support with setting up charts or any queries about your Mapsimise account, please just get in touch.

Or otherwise, head over to our YouTube channel to watch a demo video of charting in action, along with other feature videos.

Ready to get started?

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