We are sharing more tips and tricks to get you started. This week we are looking at filtering data with shapes.

We know you may have uploaded data already and so we wanted to help you get to grips with the different tools you can use within Mapsimise, to allow you to see and work with your data from a different perspective.

So what are Shape Filters?

Shape filters are a really easy way to start working with your data, and as a user you have 5 options within Mapsimise. You can select these from the main menu to get started.

Drawing shapes around areas enables you to return any records within its boundary or ‘shape’. The option to use these tools can be seen at the top of your screen [See below].

Once clicked, you can choose from many different shapes on the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve created a shape or a line on a map, a filter is created for fine tuning meaning you can adjust, enable or disable as needs be. You can even overlay different shapes and filters on your map.

What is the benefit of using Shape Filters?

Shape filters allow you to select areas, regions, towns and more by drawing a shape on a map filled with your data. You may have so many pins on your map that you would prefer just to concentrate on a certain area.

As you can see in the example below, we have drawn along the River Thames in London and filtered all the Bicycle theft within 0.5 km.

This is where shape filters like this help you get the right answer with your data quickly. Whether you draw a circle or make it super precise by drawing a line down a particular street or in this case a river, you have the freedom to work with you data in whatever way you like.

How else can I use Shape Filters?

There are many ways maps and Mapsimise can be used to help you filter your data. You may need to:

'Contact all customers within 5 miles of this city centre' if you were holding an event or your outlet was offering special offers.


'List all my properties within half a mile of this river' to understand exactly how each property features and where possible danger points for flooding might exist.


'Give me all assets located in these three states or within this postcode.'

The possibilities are pretty much endless, and very simple to do!

We hope that you enjoy working with Shape Filters next time you log into your Mapsimise subscription.

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch different demo videos of Shape Filters in action, along with other features.

Exciting News! Spread the word!

Our big announcement for the UK this week is that we have been selected and approved for G-Cloud 12, that means Mapsimise is officially listed as a Digital Marketplace Supplier!

Since the launch of Mapsimise we have been helping large and small customers with data visualisation and helping those customers, regardless of size, benefit from mapping and filtering, along with understanding their data in a new and visual way. Read our newest blog to find out more.

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