Building Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Lists by location…. You know you want to

By now, we hope that you have realised that Mapsimise is a very versatile solution for your business, where we focus on offering capability and solutions that fix the day to day location problems.

Our aim is to help Sales, Marketing and Services teams get more from the data that is in use daily, i.e., get more value from the data you have in your business.

Today we are going to look at creating Marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365, this is also relevant to Salesforce and SugarCRM as well as creating lists for marketing platforms, but in this post and in the demo below we are focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and connecting to the Microsoft Dataverse.

Your CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is key to your business we all know this, but the downside is that it does not always show you the bigger picture, where you are successful, where your customers are and how to target you marketing by location.

You will have Accounts, Contacts and Leads in your CRM and each of these will probably have an address, so if you map then then you can understand where your customers are and build lists to target for events, sales territories, and marketing.

What is more it is really easy to do, which helps you build relationships between one set of data and another?  You can connect the different types of data, filtered views and map where all the activity is happening.

Let’s say you are going o hold an event, you can use location to see where the bulk of your customers are meaning you can hold the event where the travel time for your customers is less and see all this by location.

Anyway, let’s get to it, all you need to go is connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Mapsimise, just add the relevant credentials and service user in Azure (Security of data is important here) then create a Map that users the connector.

Once the data is on the map then you can filter either by drawing or using a data filter to select the customers in a given area country or region and build a Dynamics 365 marketing list, as in the video above.

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